Real time on-package freshness indicator for guavas packaging

A novel on-package color indicator has been fabricated based on bromophenol blue, and tests have been conducted to assess the freshness of guava (Psidium guajava L.). Bromophenol blue (BPB) was immobilized onto bacterial cellulose membrane via absorption method. The BPB/cellulose membrane as color indicator works based on pH decrease as the volatile organic compounds (e.g. acetic acid), produced gradually in the package headspace during developing of guava. Subsequently the color of the indicator will change from blue to green for over-ripe indication, which can be visible to the naked eye.

The results showed that the color indicator could be used to determine the state of freshness of the guava at ambient condition (28–30 °C). The color change of the indicators reflects the pH of headspace of the guava packaging. Furthermore, it also in similar trends to the change of several parameters (soluble solids content, texture and sensory evaluation) that normally used to characterize the freshness of guava. Therefore, the indicator can be used for real time visual monitoring of freshness state of packaged guavas.

Full text available here and research gate.