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Welcome to the CBG’s website. This website contains the activities of Chemo and Biosensors Group, past, current, and further work regarding the development of chemical sensors & biosensors for applications in environmental, food, pharmacy, clinical & health monitoring, including smart packaging and sensors for natural product pharmacy. The work including optical & electrochemical sensors, molecular recognition, host-guest chemistry, ligand design & synthesis. The use of polymers & other novel/smart materials as reliable support, reagent & indicator in sensors development. Lab on a-chip & microfluidics devices. Development of wearable sensing system, and halal science & technology.

The research group aims to contribute to the R&D of new and frontier Green Technology that can lead to ecofriendly micro-nano technology to benefit humankind in the sustainable environment, health’s & for developing the economy. Through R&D in this crucial area, various domain competencies in the above areas can be developed for future endeavors especially in the area of Chemical Sensor and Biosensors as well as Nanotechnology.